Trades of Hope is a fair trade company / Empowering women all over the world through sustainable business.

3 Ways you can change the world, right where you are!

Every purchase of our ethically produced pieces supports a woman to become the hero of her own story.

Offer your friends the opportunity to empower women around the world by hosting a Trades of Hope party.

A Compassionate Entrepreneur earns an income to better her life while partnering with our artisans.

Empowering Women
Out of Poverty

Trades of Hope empowers women to create sustainable businesses worldwide. We want women to realize their potential as world changers, business owners, dream creators, and heroes of their own stories. We are looking for American women to rise up and be the voice for the women who have no voice, empowering them to rise out of poverty. Become a Compassionate Entrepreneur to change the world. Host a party to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Shop our products to help a woman continue her sustainable business!